Cannabis Cultivation Consultancy Services

ACT provides a full range of professional agriculture cannabis consultancy services and Turn-key solutions to Cannabis producers and license holders, worldwide.

Starting from locating the most suitable location, all the way to complete facility design, systems selection & implementation, Cultivation aspects & Bio plans, Business Plans, Genetics selection, assisting all the way to the production ramp-up phase and the day-to-day operational management & consultancy required in commercial, sustainable and professionally well-managed cannabis operation.

Simply, From concept design to harvest, full-scale Agricultural cannabis consultation. And anything in between.

Our team multi-disciplines know-how and years of international experience in developing commercial-scale agriculture projects and direct hands-on expertise and experience in Cannabis production and cultivation. Enable us to provide a full range of Cannabis consultancy services to our clients and for the success and sustainability of their projects;

ACT assist its partners and clients overcome the fast commoditization of the Cannabis market, and price-drop by improving the production process, increasing yields, quantities, quality, and consistency, as well as reducing the operational cost and the sustainability of the business.

ACT specializes in delivering and supporting commercial-scale agricultural Cannabis projects.

We are committed to producing high quality, advanced,  sustainable, consistent, environmentally sensitive and cost-effective solutions, and products for our customer satisfaction and their client’s health and happiness.

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Cannabis Business Plans & Feasibility Study
  • Project Specification and Data
  • Conceptual Design and Cost Estimations
  • Production/Bio Plans & Genetics selection
  • Project Business Plans, CAPEX/OPEX Estimations
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Cannabis Facility Design 
  • Cannabis Cultivation facility design
  • Cannabis EPC services
  • Cannabis GAP and GMP designs
  • Cannabis Processing, Post Harvest and extraction facility Design
  • Systems specification
  • Cannabis Turn Key projects
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Cannabis Greenhouse Construction
  • ACT is the leading Cannabis Greenhouse Company in Israel
  • ACT works with the leading Greenhouse manufactures in Israel
  • ACT represents and exports the leading Israeli agricultural technologies and Know-how
  • Providing most efficient Cannabis Greenhouse Cultivation solutions to its clients
  • Full Project Engineering, Procurement and Construction services. (EPC)
  • Project Delivery as Turn-Key
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Cannabis Cultivation Services
  • ACT provides Cannabis Cultivation Consultancy services
  • To increase yield, improve biosecurity, and operating procedures
  • To reduce total costs of production, and improve consistency and quality
  • Our services include professional training to your cannabis grower,
  • Equipping your team with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed
  • Production Ramp Up and Professional Operations Management.
  • We will write your operations "Standart Operating Procedures" (SOP's) and book of Protocols.
  • We provide On-Site - Ongoing Support and Consultancy.
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Cannabis Extraction & Processing
  • Design advanced Cannabis post-harvest facilities.
  • Design extractions labs, Clean rooms and Cannabis processing facility
  • SOP and GAP for Medical cannabis processing
  • Design Hemp processing and  extraction facilities
  • Storing and Shelf-life extension technologies and methods
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 The "Pick and Shovel" Store

  • YAMKO - Greenhouses and structures.
  • Systems, Equipment and Accessories.
  • KWIK  - Loyalty and Customer Retention Solutions.