Knowledge Makes The Difference

Advanced Agri-Tech Solutions

Knowledge Makes The Difference

About ACT

Advanced Canna Technologies Ltd, Is a leading Israel Cannabis consulting company. Specialized in Cannabis agriculture; Cannabis cultivation; Cannabis greenhouse production And Cannabis facility design.
  • Based on the most advanced Israeli agriculture technologies and latest developments;
  • Based on the vast experience gained in leading commercial agricultural projects all around the world;
  • And based on the Israeli top Cannabis agronomists and master growers which gained rare, commercial scale, greenhouse Cannabis cultivation know-how and expertise, in producing Medical Cannabis for the advanced Medical Marijuana program in Israel.
ACT provides to its partners and clients, With the most professional Agricultural Cannabis Consulting Services to maximize their operating results and profits. Please feel free to Contact us and learn more as of how the advanced Israeli cannabis agriculture can improve your Cannabis production and processing.

Cannabis Cultivation Consultancy Services

  • Are you looking to increase your cannabis yields?
  • Do you wish to provide your Cannabis grower with more professional tools to improve productivity?
  • Looking to reduce your cannabis production operational costs?
  • Do you Need help in designing efficient & sustainable Cannabis cultivation facility?
  • Do you wish to Make or Check a Business plan?

ACT provides professional agriculture Cannabis Consultancy Services and Turn-key solutions to Cannabis licensed producers. 

Our team and experts gain years of international experience in developing commercial-scale agriculture projects and years of direct Hands-on expertise in producing Cannabis for the Medical Cannabis program in Israel.

Let’s Grow better!

ACT provides a full range of Cannabis consultancy services to its clients and for the success and sustainability of their operations;

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The ACT team include a range of experts and consultants with extensive experience in planning, setting up, operating and managing complex agricultural projects, in a variety of precise and advanced agricultural fields in Israel and abroad

together with the “A TEAM”  of top Israeli agronomists who have led and managed cannabis farms and companies in Israel for many years

ACT provide extensive experience in commercial growing of medical cannabis in Israel and abroad to the benefits of its partners.