ACT provides Professional Cultivation Management services. Using the top of the Israeli Cannabis agronomists and master growers, ACT gain years of actual experience with commercial-scale cannabis cultivating for the Medical and Recreational Cannabis markets.

ACT  team and assistant will cover each and every aspect of the production cycle and will ensure achievement of production goals and quality standards.

ACT’s unique cultivation methods and approach for commercial intensive production, implement the most advanced and efficient technologies to ensure maximum production of premium products at minimum costs, reducing power consumptions, improving labor efficiency, water and nutrient consumption, as well as product quality.

ACTs cultivation standard operating precoders and protocols, technologies and working methods will result in a consistent production of consistent product year-round, Increasing the total production and returns in the most efficient and sustainable way.

ACT’s Standard Operating processors & Protocols for:

i. Cultivation:

  • Mother Plants
  • Nursery Production: Cutting / Clones, & selection (Bio Plans)
  • Vegetation phase
  • Flowering

ii. Post-Harvest & Processing

  • Harvesting
  • Drying & Curing
  • Processing & Extractions
  • Storing, shelf life and QA

iii. Production Plan

vi. Biosecurity & Pest Management plans